Etrigan the Demon

Just my take on Etrigan.

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Gone! Gone! O form of man…!

Nice work, did you use a MakeHuman figure?

The only things you might have done was add an emission to his eyes to get those glowing, or perhaps have some flame spilling out of his mouth, too.

Always loved this character.

Oh hey a fan! I love his rhyming. My fav was when he was killed by Cyber Wonder Woman. “Finally a challenge”

I modeled him from scratch. I thought about lighting up his eyes like I’ve seen on some versions of him. It looks cool in 2d but when I attempted that he lost the realism I was looking for.

If I animated him fighting someone he would definitely be melting someone with hell fire coming out of his mouth.

An animation would be pretty cool. Even if you didn’t animate you could make a series out of this. Great stuff, man.