european aerospace defense center


this is the result from my first real finished blender project hope you like it.

3D in blender
Textures and Post in Photoshop


Very nice!

Especially for a first. The atmosphere and lighting are pretty good.

that’s a pretty cool render. good job!

Looks like the hallway of the barracks from Firefly.

First Blender project?! Holy crap I am jealous!

somebody please teach me how to make that volumetric lighting looks really awesome

Sorry for the late reply.
The volumetric light is Post Processing in Photoshop. I have draw it with a soft brush and white color than blurred it and set the blend mode to Soft Light (several times).


Really awesome. Looks like the same location of the evil aliens who abducted my sheep. :wink: just wait for his epic escape! :)Just playing cool render. Very cinematic for sure. Good work.

Good result for the first job!

Very european.