European software patent petition

(acasto) #1

I seen someone post one for the US, but here is one for Europe.

(Timonides) #2

Thanks acasto. I am gonna sign this petition.

Though I don’t know if it’s enough to stop them. Do you think so???

It seems that the decision has allready been taken…

It’s a question of time, before they apply U.S. like, patent laws here in Europe…

Thanks again


(acasto) #3

I’m not sure. It kind’ve bothers me with the stuff from the US propagating all over the world. Even though I live here. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great country, but things are starting to get weird. It’s like a zoo, and the monkeys can’t see the bars. Even everyone in the US is free (and believes to be), our government has such clever little laws (tricks) they can pull out to target or quite someone whenever they want. Then you got groups like the ACLU and NAACP and others. The US is still a very young country, and it got me wondering. Could freedom and capitalism, even though it’s working great, eventually spawn it’s own destrucution?

(jesterKing) #4

Signed already ages ago 8) :smiley:

At the moment it looks like capitalism != freedom. Markets are in the hands of a few, that manage those. Of course they give different targets to choose from, but it is still them, who make the decisions of what to bring on the market. And I get the impression that these people are trying to get more and more control over those markets. Do you see any consumer party in those above mentioned groups? No? I thought so.

(Don’t get me wrong, I am a happy consumer, willingly conforming to that rule as such).

(acasto) #5

I try and see patterns by viewing society and humankind as fractal groups. Kind’ve like that movie ‘Lord of the Flies’. Freedom and a market based on capitalism, is kind’ve like a school playground with few teachers. Yeah, you are free, but from that freedom will evolve groups of ‘free’ people who assume control, like bullies and the ‘popular’ students. So not only are you under a type of authoritative control by those in charge (teachers, [government]), you are under an authoritative control by the leading groups (bullies, [microsoft, naacp, etc…]). So through all that freedom, actually comes about more and more hinderance by those whom are more aggresive in nature.

(VelikM) #6

The consumers are the consumer group, if it’s garbage it doesn’t last long on the market. But what does that have to do with freedom? Freedom is being able to think differently than your fellows with out the fear of persecution or having to worry about being drug into a stadium and having your hands or feet cut off. Being able to travel anywhere in your countrys borders without having to checkin with the police is nice too.
Me I’m a terrible consumer, I don’t watch TV so I’m not programed to buy, buy, buy.

(jesterKing) #7

I meant economical freedom, one aspect of freedom. You are referring to physical and political (and with that probably religious/ideological) freedom. But you are right about those :slight_smile:

(VelikM) #8

Financial servitude is a whole different matter.

(Timonides) #9

The consumers are the consumer group, if it’s garbage it doesn’t last long on the market.

Unless big corporations who own the market don’t grant you the freedom to choose… In such case you are going to buy those garbages…

Freedom is being able to think differently than your fellows with out the fear of persecution or having to worry about being drug into a stadium and having your hands or feet cut off.

Well, these things are happening in the world (I was old enough to witness it in my country…) and one of the main reasons for that is to enable big companies to control the market.

I say that nowadays you can loose your physical freedom for more silly reasons than that…


(acasto) #10

Even though in the United States you won’t get drug out and chopped up, many people in this country has lost jobs, went homeless, or even died for causes related to government, corporations, or mixes between government-corporate affairs. Is getting tossed in a jail in one country, any worse than getting audited and possibly accused of soemthing and ruining your life over here? For instance, our freedom and economy, has spawned insurance companies and allowed them to do the things they do. Now the average people have problems with health care while others get rich.

The justice department has completely turned their back on the Microsoft situation. Allowing them to basically take control of the world. We talk about fighting terrorism, then turn our back on certain situation because they aren’t in our interest. We give up privacy so that we ‘feel’ safer. The situation keeps getting more and more complex. We are getting to where the cost of freedom, is to be a pawn in a game played by the powerful.

(VelikM) #11

The life of the peon hasn’t changed in the last 1000 years, we stand at the base of the castle wall and the people on top of the wall pee on us.

(Timonides) #12

On the contrary!!! The life of the peon, has changed!!!

They still pee on us. Only now there are laws that say:

“Drink it and say thanks, for their kindness!!!”


(Timonides) #13


The same laws say:

"If a peon tries to pee back, he will be considered a terrorist/communist, will loose his job/home/pension/health care, will be dragged to a stadium to have his hands/feet cut off, go to prison, be banished to a prison-island for 7 years to collect flies… etc. and all that with your governments blessings…

Not to mention he will only get his face wet."

At least, that’s how I feel those patent laws are treating us, like…


(acasto) #14

I don’t want to turn this into a religious debate. But personally I feel the scariest things are in the Bible. If you read about the way things are going to be towards the end. It seriously looks as the the United States may be setting the stage for a global new world order. If you look at some of the projects the military is working on. And the laws we are manipulating that can reach to most countries around the world, and allowing Microsoft the perfect breeding ground for their operations. (I’m surprised Bin Laden dosn’t have a moneky bar camp in Redmond.)

But none the less, it looks to be going towards a world with the capabiliites for one or a group of people to control much of the global affairs. Through the markets and internets, one can control and influence economies. Through some of Microsofts proposed dealing with banks, the entertainment industries proposed hacking allowances, the software patents, etc…, much of what people do in their everydays lives can be monitored, recorded, and the worst is even authorized. With the idea of the MS passport program, one company would be controlling all your money transaction through the system.

And despite all this, Bush is wanting build a stronger more mobile and responsive military. It would make it all the easier to control those whom don’t conform.

(Timonides) #15

(I’m surprised Bin Laden dosn’t have a moneky bar camp in Redmond.)

Who says he doesn’t have one…

O.k. just kidding!!! But you have to consider that there are facts that Bin Laden was financially supported by U.S. during Soviet occupation of Afganistan!!! And Shaddam (during the Iran-Iraq conflict) too…

But when they stoped serving U.S. (aka big oil companies) interests in the region, all of a “sudden” the world realized what "monsters they were!!! (which they are in fact).

You know what’s the sadest thing???

The sadest thing is that there are also other products exept software, that patent laws are applied upon. Do you know how many people die each year because they can’t afford, for the expensive medicines that would cure them???

Patents make some medicines really expensive.

I guess some people value peoples health, the same way as Microsoft values software…


(jesterKing) #16

And what about IP? It will getting more difficult to get ideas (even when you think of something independent and uninfluenced by other similar ideas).