Evangelion - Asuka Sculpt w/Time-lapse

Here is the time-lapse of Asuka:

I talked about whether anime is good or bad for your art as a subject during the time-lapse for my audience but feel free to mute it and put your favorite music instead if you are only interested in the timelapse :).


Beautiful work. You nailed the lips. Her expression reminds me a bit of Greta Thunberg. :slight_smile:


Nice work as always


I’ve never watch Evangelion but this sculpt is SICK!


Awesome work as always man!


I’ve seen some of your videos, and like your models . .

You could make Disney movies, start making small animations, where they wave a hand, or buy a cheap mo-cap solution, like two Azure Kinect and, iPisoft mo-cap software, which has 30 day free trial . . Any-way, your characters are stand-out, why don’t you make a little youtube animated series, about some-thing you think it important, Tell a message, Some morals - -

I had an idea for some female soldiers, in elite special unit, like Snake from Metal Gear, but female versions, inspired by special-forces . .

Cobra Lucy, Viper Sue, Rattler Mary and, Boa Mallory - - like, a squad of four such ladies, I guess like Charlie’s angels Meets, Bayonetta . .

I think you should start considering making animations, for fun and, maybe get a cheap mo-cap solution, like iPisoft, that works with web-cam, or Kinect 3D camera . .

Here’s my 3D model, a Danish super-heroine, called Miss Wonderful - -


beautiful work as always!

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This is relay great character and masterfully executed, especially like the pose and flow of the body.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You know, when it comes to telling stories, I think characters like this are even more expressive, than photo-realistic characters, it’s just easier to read the faces and, movements . . I would make something perhaps a bit more stylized, than this, for further use in telling stories, media, so on - -$

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Wow, nice,
and so fast, how long takes it, looks like you done it in 4 - 5 hours!?
Does the pen not weight tons after the first hour? For me it look very uncomfortable, to paint on the standing screen.

I knew it was Yan as soon as i saw this piece. Great work as always.


@rigoletto Thanks. Sculpt took around 4h30 mins and everything from rig till texturing took around 3 hours.
As for the pen not at all this is more comftrable thank on the table, that pose will hurt your back and neck


“Anime is bad for your art”… Only if you intend to join some art club/group that most members agree on that idea :thinking:
Great job! :wink:

amazing sculpting as always @YanSculpts

I think, now you can create really good characters, you should start writing your own universe and, start by making maybe shorts youtube video, with them, maybe total 2 - 3 minute animations, made of composite videos, you made in blender, try to make an animated series and, may-be write it with the fans, from one of your channels, some-thing you really like - -

I have a Huion 20 Inch 2019 Kamvas pro and, they help a lot but, you have got an amazing model, you should sit down and try to come up with an idea, maybe you could make anime Lord of the Rings interpretation, or find some book you really like, and make a spin-off series, your own version of, your favorite book, where you invent the characters, every-thing - - could be fantasy, current or, future, no matter what you now have super-expressive characters, your next challenge is animating them and, making your own series, with stories you really like, it’s a completely new challenge but, you have nothing more to do in 3D character design, you need to find out what to do with them and, start focusing on writing stories or, making your own versions of a universe you like, may-be it’s a sci-fi book, or a fantasy classic, like Dragonlance or, a book you grew up with, your favorite thing, you can remember - then take what they do, and try to make it better or, tell the same things with your characters, and a world you make, in Blender, or so - -

The challenge for you now is a. start telling stories, that means learning how to write them and, come up with your own techniques, as well, for writing and, b. making a 3D world, not just characters, like cars, barrels, what you need, to tell stories that matter and, are important to you, maybe it’s the bible, maybe it’s John Steinbeck, maybe it’s Lotr or, Star Wars style universe - - But, you need to focus on that from now on, because your characters can’t really be improved, any - more - -<3

Although i dig your style and this is a good looking character, i cant quite make the connection of what you are saying and what i’m seeing on the screen. To me this character has more Disney design princess attributes than what i consider typical anime features. Dont get me wrong, in my book, thats a good thing. To me anime lacks character and appeal, only distinguishable through cloth hair and overall body shape(specially female characters). I know a lot of people might disagree with me (including you) but if you serious about learning character design you should stay away from anime and go traditionel. Thats just my 2 cents and i dont wanna start a discussion over it.