EVENT HORIZON - miniature modeling and Illustrations.

EVENT HORIZON is a brand new board game involving udge space ships within.
I was hired by Jack Sweek from Garage Gaming to design 5 ships for one of the factions and 3 other ships to complete an already designed faction.

This whole project leads to just launched Kickstarter campain.
Get involved and spread the word.

All other designs were made by side artist all suing blender.
Please support them : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/295466104/event-horizon-0/

You can find the whole project here

Made in Blender, Cycles render 1500 samples
original size : 6000x3500 pixels
Mat painting done with blender and Photoshop.
Postproduction in photoshop

Hope you like it

Wow these renders are great! I like how you used (not sure if purposeful or not) the planets to guide your eyes to the ships, it just looks really nice. And the ships have great detail aswell, really good composition.

And this project seems really cool, I’m definitely going to look into it.

Well Thank you, I actually worked my a** a lot to on compositing as this is not my best skill at all.
SO I do appreciate your comment here :slight_smile:

awesome models! i hope you meant “using Blender” and not “suing Blender” :wink:

Nice style…

ho sorry… I meant using :o

Looks good and fits your product.

Good job! The composition is great and it helps eyes to look for the object that you want to underline!

the models, and all process of matepating is great, all elements are well balanced, and all equally attract attention.

good job mate!

jolie jolie, du bon boulot.