Event Horizon Update #7

i am working on a game which you probably know but here are some screens of the intro movie and soon the characters so far because it is a WIP.
i would have posted the avi link but they get corrupted. takes 5 hours to upload them uncompressed not on dial-up and about 2 hours to upload them triple compressed to lower file size but they are just 700 megabytes oh wait thats a lot its almost a gig.
anyway here is a pic of the guys head so far.
its a cube that has been modified.
oh and some advice on how to make them better.
comments suggestions and criticism (though i know the head sucks right now) welcome

toomany polys keep em betwwen 10000-15000

well i am going to decimate for the game and i have a low poly version kept safe.
but these are just for the intro. and i am trying to make them realistic for the game. like xbox 360 or something

hmm…well i think that it would be faster to work low poly then subsurf what needs to be…

ok but i need advice on how to make the last 3 images better.
i dont mean the images i mean the scenes in it.

well if thats a uman is it upside down and I think UV Mapping would help you make the game more realistic…hmmm maybe I could help you hmmm i got a head model 4 you but ull need 2 make the body…

Ok Thats Awesome


heres an image but i need to e-mail the .blend 2 you if you want it PM me ur e-mail address…

ok but i also need some advice on how to make the body and how to rig it so it looks realistic un the animation and game.

HecticHermit:You Havent Given it to me yet. i mean the blend file.

anyway i have been working on the main character and here is his beta head needs some improvement but not much.
in the animations he will be subsurfed level 1 barely changing the amount of polys oh and the mouth is rigged but i cant seem to get it fully opened.
there you go see its not many polys

i worked on the body
and here it is so far.
but i need some advice on the legs arm and actually the entire body. oh and it is subsurfed

hey just so you no i have found a sponsor for the website.
everything works now a lot of things have changed.
even the logo.
here it is
sorry if you dont see it.
it appears and dissapears off and on
oh and i didnt get the file yet hectichermit.
i pm’ed you my adress but you havent sent it.
the site will be http://www.eventHorizon.Blendenzo.com
or something like that

I just Found out that there is a Movie Called Event Horizon (Rated R)
and was wondering should i change the name again?

here he is so far

Just FYI, subsurf doesnt work in the GE.

As far as I know.

i know but i was going to subsurf it but not apply the modifier

Yes it does.

yeah well duh.
im just glad people are posting but could we make it one better and actually help me and comment on this.

heres a suggestion.
stop working on modeling this character, and go do some tutorials on character modeling [like joan of ark: http://www.3dtotal.com/ffa/tutorials/max/joanofarc/joanmenu.asp ] it might help you figure out the process behind modeling a person/character and then help you figure out how you want to do things for this project.

<quote> ok but i need advice on how to make the last 3 images better.
i dont mean the images i mean the scenes in it.</quote>

all I can say is Details. if you want to make something look really good you need to add in the details that are so mi-nute that people won’t seem them unless they look for them. like the grooves in the wood of a picture frame, or the rivets on the armor of a cargo ship. it truly is the little things that count. [Note: if your goal was just making a good looking render or a video then I would model the details in, but since your making a game I would suggest some very highly detailed textures applied via UV mapping]

I also had another question:
what is this game about? what type of game is it? what is the main characters goals and conflicts? and wheres the concept art?

oh ok thanks