ever heard of houndi? i think we can get some ideas from them

i randomly saw this video when i’m watching blender stuff from youtube, and there is a sculputing thing that i really thing that blender can really use, really

the thing i’m talking about is the mouse whne you do the sculting, there is a circle that shows the normal of the vertice, and i think that is just a superb idea, instead of just using the same old mouse which you don’t really get where you’re goin with, a responsive cursor that shows the normal when not just sculting but also painting would do great good because in sculpting or painting, you want to know where is your mouse, and i mean that when you’re looking at a port view, there are places that you’re sculpting or painting into that you need to switch the view port afterwards to correct that mistake

hah :smiley: i was thinking that you will start writing about procedural stuff with would be awesome to see in blender.

Of all of the crazy awesome tools available in Houdini, this is a very odd one to single out :spin:

ever heard of houndi?
No, but I have heard of Houdini. If you want to try it you can download the free Apprentice version http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=589&Itemid=221

Yes, very strange. And people are complaining that blender is too difficult to understand for new users

i think we should start off gentenlly, big changes to blender would also upset the old users, and though this is old, it’s also certain that this is not patented, this is what’s important, we can’t make a free programe pay money,
and plus, this would be much easier to make and put in

Houdini is on my list of suites to learn, but every time I start I get a massive headache within 10 minutes. I hear the newest version is easier to pick up. Maybe I’ll take a look again…

Houdini is not that difficult to use, it is however very difficult to master. The problem (or the benefit, depends on how you look at it) is that it exposes all the operations to the bone. They did come a long way with v9 and subsequent updates to make it much more user friendly for complex operations by including shelf buttons that are scripts that generate networks of operators for specific tasks for you.

I’ve been trying to learn Houdini for quite some time but I do not find it easy to get into at all.

And yes, there are TONS of amazingly cool stuff in Houdini that I would love to see in Blender, this is not really one of the best examples.

I love the Apprentice program, it allows me to learn at my own pace without the software expiring. I don’t know how many times I have pulled down Maya and Max only to have them expire before I get around to checking them out.