Everglow - a firstperson RPG

(pqftgs) #21

Approved! Very nostalgic, I like :]

Awesome loading scene xD
Also had a strong desire to advance the story after the first NPC encounter. That first impression means so much, well done!

1 - The in-game camera felt a little weird. Might try dropping the focal length to around 19.
2 - I recommend offsetting the cursor so clicks can be done on the corner.

Tested on Manjaro XFCE

Off-topic, I skimmed through your videos and noticed the DialogCreationToolkit. Do you still have the files for that?
I’d love to have a look and possibly use it for an upcoming title.

(sandsound) #22

Thanks :slight_smile:
I have the first and second chapter ready but need to iron out some minor bugs before I’ll release it.

I have decided to add fov to my launcher, but you are right, I’ll have a look at the default setting.
I’m not sure what you mean by “offsetting the cursor” ?

I still have it, but it’s not very usable in it’s current state.
There should be a download-link on one of the videos.

(sandsound) #23

I’ve made a simple launcher for my game-binary in wxPython, don’t know if it’s crossplatform, have only tested it in Linux.

If anyone’s interested in using it for their own project, I’ll make a more comprehensive howto, but there’s not much to tell…
unpack the two files in the folder containing your binary
replace the logo.png with your own logo.png
defaults are defined at the top of the py-file line 12, 14 and 16:

default screen resolution

xyres = ‘1920 1080’

fullscreen on(1) / of(0)

fullscr = 1

the name of the binary you want to run

gamebin = ‘start_scene_58’


BgeLauncher.zip (20.6 KB)

(MarvinCJames) #24

I’m very interested in using this for my game

(sandsound) #25

Thanks :slight_smile:
Let me know if you need anything changed. I didn’t know what resolutions to add, so it’s just the ones that popped into my head while writing the code.

(sandsound) #26

Testing the new “mw-style” dialog system for Everglow, I haven’t spent much time with the layout, but it’ll most likely end up looking something like the inventory in Everglow.
This is basicly just the frontend to my dialog-creation-kit.

(Nines) #27

This looks awesome! Downloading now…
From what I see in the screenshots/vids, it gives off a lot of Gothic vibes. That’s a good thing.

(sandsound) #28

Thank you
That’s a mighty high praise :slight_smile:

(sandsound) #29

As a wise person once wrote:

“99 little bugs in the code
99 little bugs in the code
Take one down, patch it around
117 little bugs in the code”

Had to rewrite all the dialog-scripts a few times, but I like the new system and it’ll make future dialogs faster to write.
Converted most of the text-objects to bitmap-font, font-object is great for a quick solution, but it’s a pain to work with when you want to do more than just simple things.

But in spite of everything, act 1 is now more or less complete and can be downloaded here:
(Linux 64-bit only, at least for now)

I’ll be releasing everything later (.blend, scripts, models and textures), under a GPL/CC-BY-SA if anyone should be interested.
I think the screenshot-function is Linux-specific, and I’m not sure how Mac/Win handle relative paths, but it should be possible to build the game for those platforms also.

I had lots of fun making this and have learned a lot about BGE and Python, so I’m looking forward to making act 2.

I just found a couple of bugs and have uploaded a new version.
There are still no save/load-game, but other than that, act 1 should be playable.

Just uploaded a new version (1.30) with a couple of bugfixes
alchemy is now fully implemented
to launch the game on Manjaro and Arch, please use python2

New upload (1.40) 02/02-2015
now with music and save/load-game

(sandsound) #30

The first test of my random-map-generator for Everglow, written in Python.

One of the main reasons I haven’t worked on Everglow for a while, is that I enjoy writing code more that making models, and since all my code seams to work, there’s “only” modeling left.
So to make things interesting, I made this random-map-generator for the dungeons and caves of the game.

(blenderjunkie) #31

Looks good! The bow animation is a little low, and the hands could use a better texture. You might want to increase the blendin on some animations, they cut to fast, but other wies its really cool

(sandsound) #32

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at the blendin.
I don’t think I can make the hand-texture much better, but perhaps it’ll help if I add a normal-map.