Evermotion releases Archinteriors for Blender

(dr_after) #1

Evermotion is announcing first collection of ten interiors for Blender to be released on March 27th.

You can use this collection in various ways:

  • As an asset library with hundreds of high quality props for your visualizations with shaders and materials. Just put them in your scene
  • The scene itself can be used as a template for your projects - you can place your own models (or models from other libraries). We already set up render, camera and lighting for you
  • You can use it as a learning resource, studying all settings and taking them as an entry point of designing your own high quality interior scenes with Blender.

Although it is first Evermotion’s collection made for Blender, company decided to name it “Archinteriors vol. 43 for Blender”, because it comes with 10 scenes that were initially created for 3ds Max and V-Ray, and now are re-made as .blend files for ready to render with Cycles render engine.

See Archinteriors vol. 43 for Blender:

(marcatore) #2

Good!. really a good news.

Thanks for the info.

(Jakroval) #3

Please make exterior collections as well

(ambi) #4

Beautiful work. Congratulations. Any plans for EEVEE scenes?

(BigBlend) #5

I think stuff for Eevee should wait until Eevee is in at least in beta.

(cekuhnen) #6

90 Euro not to bad
going to buy it for my students so we can work with it.

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #7

Hi. Is it possible to make some my own Project Pack and upload it for FREEBIE on Evermotion site?

(tischbein3) #8

nope, read the license agreement wich is on the selling page

This is also interesting for users of different software packages: Now (27th) you do not need to buy vray+max to be able to disect the scene for your software environment. Thanks to PBR everyone can now just download the blend file and convert it to their own software environment.

Wise move Evermotion, wise move.

(shawn.kearney) #9

Does anyone know if one already owns .c4d the files could I download the .blend without paying?

(dr_after) #10

Thanks for all kind words and suggestions!

  • Will there be exterior collections as well? It’s hard to tell now, we will see how this collection rolls out, but for now I must say we are happy with the response of Blender users, we’ll try to do our best to deliver what you / users demand.
  • We don’t plan Eevee scenes now. It’s too early for many reasons, this engine is still in beta development. It is also the matter of quality. It took years for Unreal Engine to be capable to deliver good quality that is acceptable in arch-viz field (and that is our main user base). I think that Eevee will need a lot of polishing to get to this level. But rest assured, when Eevee will be ready to deliver some stunning visualizations, we’ll be ready for it too :slight_smile:
  • You can use renders / animations made with this collection commercially or non-commercially, you cannot sell individual models, scenes or part of scenes on any market.

(cekuhnen) #11

Regarding eeVee that makes sense. I explored it over the past days and based on what you want to see it is quite powerful but when realism is your goal then there is a big difference to Cycles.

What makes the eeVee Cycles approach quite appealing is the shared material they use.
Preview in eeVee - render in Cycles instead of making a scene for render A and a scene for render B.

(brothermechanic) #12

3ds max renders is bettter

(mookie3d) #13

I would like to know if postproduction was made within Blender or Photoshop and how these scenes look without any.

(marcoG_ita) #14

It’s just a matter of too much saturated textures in Cycles, 3dsmax render has better materials overall imho. But this doesn’t mean Cycles isn’t capable of that quality.

Since Filmic and denoising i get fully interior renders which are perfectly comparable to Corona and Vray

(LazyVirus) #15

textures’ saturation? pff.
It can’t be blamed saturation with so different lighting setups expecially since I bet they are full of speed/beauty tricks.
Blender version’s lighting is off in terms of photorealism. I wonder what kind of camera would capture such high exposure value in an object hit by light and and so low at the source of the light itself for example.
Not that 3ds version is wonderful, but that’s not the matter.

Just to be clear: I dont talk about commercial stuff, so with this post I’m not expressing any kind of opinion about this product.
Just replying to what I think is a useless attempt to make a comparison.

(cekuhnen) #16

Well yes and no. You can also find parts / objects in the Cycles render that looks better than in the 3DMax renderings.

Plus without seeing the raw rendering this is not much use to compare final images.

(dr_after) #17

There was no post-production on these images, this is how they look straight out of Blender (no compositing in Blender too) :slight_smile:

(cekuhnen) #18

also no color management (curves contrast etc ?)

(dr_after) #19

Nope :slight_smile: Color correction nodes are only on some materials. On 3ds Max version of this collection there was post-production step made in Photoshop.

(bliblubli) #20

good to know, would it be possible to have raw renders from 3DSmax as comparison? Also, the fourth image look really dull, is it aggressively clamped ?