Everything I need to know about character modeling, and where to start ?

Hello, I am completely new on this forum, and also pretty new to Blender. I wanna make a game in Unity, and I need some 3d models. I wanna make character first, but it looks pretty hard. Please answer to few of my points I will post.

  1. Where can I find some good tutorials, or timelapses of a character ?
  2. Do you use boxmodeling or sculpting…or do you combine ?
  3. Is it easy to texture, and animate a fully sculpted character ?
  4. The difference betwen high poly and low poly ? And some tutorials again

PS. I am looking for some tutorials or timelapses that will really show me how to start from nothing and finish with a textured and good looking character.

Sorry for asking for so many things, but I really want to make these characters, I just dont know where to start, I found some box modeling tuts etc. but I need someone to point me in the right direction. Thank you :wink:

I started with the Tim Tutorial Series by David Ward - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRZ9OJM6sK0

may be a lot all at once, but you’ll definitely get everything you need to get started from that tutorial :slight_smile:

Thank you, I always skipped his series for some reason (probably because of the character he was creating) I never knew it was so complex. Thank you a lot :wink: I will try to follow the series

I did this tutorial when i was still learning character moddeling.

You need a subscription unfortunately (around 18$ a month which gives you access to their sister sites as well)