Everything poofs when I turn on the game!

Hi, I’m making a pool game with blender, and encountered a problem. I had everything planned out, I started the game engine, and everything dissapeared! I’ve narrowed it down to the UV editor. If I have an object in there that has any thing to do with the UV editor, such as, UV mapped textures, normal maps, and UV particles. I just don’t know what to do. Please, see what yall’ can do.
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not sure, posting a blend file would help people identify a problem, and in turn help you out a lot faster.

Okay, here it is. Start the game engine in the blende file, and a bunch of stuff should disapear. But, if you do two things,(both involving the UV editor) the stuff will come back. Un-click the “normal map” button in the texture buttons. Then click on the empty, go to the game engine pac-man thing, back-space the word “flame”, run the game engine, and (Few, that-was-a-run-together-sentence) everything is back! It’s truly puzzling… See what you can find out.
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Sorry, here’s the blend file.


Cue.blend (508 KB)

it works for me

You forgot to pack the textures (file/external data/pack into .blend file).
Maybe you should try the game in Game/Blender Multitexture Materials mode or Game/Texture Face materials. It could be ythat our graphic card does not support GLSL.

Appart from the missing texture, you should set the flame objects Map Input to UV. otherwise the UV-Mapping is not as you would expect it to be.

I hope that helps

Um, my blend file is to big when I pack the textures, is ther any way I can post something bigger than one mega-byte?

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