Everything renders black

So I have a problem that everything in my scene is rendering in black. With the sky colour as a background.

I have a work around that I copied all the objects in the scene and pasted them in a new blend file so its not a major problem but its really bugging me that I cant find whats different. I’ve been through the setting on both and cant find whats wrong to cause this. If I switch my view to rendered mode both show things rendered correctly.

I’ve attatched both blend files so you can see for yourself, one renders with the objects black, the other renders with the objects coloured properly

dotaintro.blend (3.63 MB)
dotaintro-broken.blend (3.58 MB)

Your render layer setup is nothing short of bizarre:

Scene layer 1 is your stage, scene layer 2 is the character. Yet for some reason your only render layer just contains the character, but also has it set up as exclude and mask layers.

In a simple scene like this with only one render layer, all scene layers should be enabled in the render layer section and the Exclude and Mask sections should be completely disabled:

Hey thanks. I really couldnt see where it was wrong. I have no idea how they even got changed.