Everything shows up pink in Cycles

I’m still very new and inexperienced when it comes to blender, so this might just be a problem with a simple fix that I didn’t see, so sorry if it is
When I changed my scene to Cycles after modelling to start applying some materials, everything looks pink, even though there are no pink light sources. I looked it up and the only solutions I can find relate to a missing texture input, and I haven’t even started texturing anything so if that’s the problem I must have done something unknowingly.

I got the idea to try appending all of the objects to another blend file, but when I do cycles just renders it in a very odd cel-shaded like fashion

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Pink ususally indicates that something like a texture can not be found. Are you using an hdri for lighting which can not be found?

This fixed my issue, thank you!
I’m guessing I started making a sky late at night and then woke up and forgot about it, leaving the sky with no image texture or anything to go off of.