Evil Carrot!

Been awhile since I posted. Hello Blenderer…ers?:]

I had a super secret idea for a scene! And I need feedback and ideas for the character. He needs arms and legs but I don’t quite know what I want to do for them. Crit appreciated!:wink:

he needs to have alot more saturation he is very pale, make him alot more red and orange. i would also suggest to make his mouth has more depth like its black in the back of his mouth. also to the evil theme i would make the leaves on the top of him dead and wilted. good luck


Color better?

I think it’s cute. Why does it need arms and legs? Wouldn’t hopping around ordering it’s veggie minions to do the work for it work just as well?

Hah thanks :] And well my idea is to have this evil carrot cornering a small child. The carrot will be holding a fork and knife, staring at the kid like hes gonna eat um! :smiley:


needs some texture work… after that i would say finished. Try and get it to look a bit more like a carrot and less like a rubber chew toy…srry if i come on as rude.

His mouth could use some work as it looks unfinished… whens the last time you seen some one open their mouth and it had no opening. Maybe make that part a black to give it the appearance of an opening

DEATH TO EVIL CARROTS!!! Sorry…couldn’t resist…I’m doing a bunny WIP and making a hammer is not hard :smiley:

Steve may want to kill your carrot, but I think you’re off to a great start! Simply as a matter of image composition here’s something to think about. The eyes look very dark and evil which is good. But if this model is going to be the focus of your scene, the carrot’s lack of eyes leave you wanting something more. In this case, some actual eye balls would look great! But if you’re going to duplicate this model and use many at the same time in your scene, the “empty eye sockets” give a totally different look in which case empty eyes are ok.

It’s just a matter of taste I think, so your call…


eek! Sorry ive been away for like 2 days. was staying the night at sum1’s house. thanks for the comments! ill get on it

great design - I like most things evil