Evil Deer

My interpretation of the deadite mounted deer head from Evil Dead 2
dyntopo->retopo 1,6m polygons
textures painted in PS
Rendered in Cycles 256 samples
Sketchfab version: http://sketchfab.com/nlkjg2e


Very good work, Duffator! I recognized the inspiration for the mounted deer instantly, even though I’ve only seen the film once, over 10 years ago!

Great modeling and texturing. It’s a shame so much detail becomes obscured by the hair/fur, you did a wonderful job!

haha oh man i love it, one of my favorite movies.

ah, thats really cool, love this movie!! :smiley:

Looking at your profile picture, who would have guessed that?! :slight_smile:

Really great! It’s renders like this that inspire me to keep learning!

Creepiest thing of the day. lol
Nice sculpt and topology. (was that generated in zbursh or hand made?)
Anyways. Great stuff!

It was all made in Blender. I sculpted my basemesh with dyntopo and then retopologized it to the low poly mesh you see here. Then i sculpted the details on the third image.