Evil Incorporated

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My incorporation. I’m the president and the owner, Jmashedji’s the vice and website manager, climenhaga’s the shipping director, chang chang’s the secretary, and singh’s the international cooperation person(he is currently unavailabe due to the fact that he is visiting his uncle, Osama, in afghanistan).


(blengine) #2

hey whats the difference between a corporation and an incorporation?


hey i would if u provided a link or an address and possibly tell me who this osama character is?

(muteinvert) #3

i was so sure i gave you the link…oh, i forogt to paste it! what an idiot…


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(Riskbreaker) #6

looks like a hillary-roseanne inbred

Funny…I though it looked more like Martha Stewart :o :stuck_out_tongue:

(valarking) #7

that’s pretty st00pid

(muteinvert) #8

yes, it IS martha stewart!