Evil Laboratory (BWC)

Not a whole lot of BWC WIP threads yet this year, maybe because we get two months? Or is it that people don’t seem to like the theme?

Regardless, here goes my attempt. I’m excited for the contest actually. I felt like I learned a great deal doing an entry for last year, so hopefully this year it will be much the same! I’m planning on trying to have a go at doing it with Indigo, so seeing as I haven’t used Indigo at all, I’m sure that will be a learning experience.

My concept is an evil laboratory with a frankenstein type theme. I made a scientist character a couple of months ago which I think I’ll re-use to save some time, but he’ll have to be completely re-textured to fit the style.

Here is my really quick concept sketch of what I’m trying to go for (still playing with the fairly new tablet, so ignore the horrible artwork, loving this thing though!):

The basic idea is the scientist standing in the foreground looking at the camera with a monster on a table behind him. There is an image attached below that illustrates some of my basic thoughts behind the composition. The scientist’s head should be a fairly strong focal point and roughly follows the rule of thirds (although should probably shift down a bit). I also like how the scientist’s pose and the table sort of draw the viewers eyes in to the image.

There are also a couple of inspirational images attached below. I’m a big Tim Burton fan and really like the Corpse Bride style, so that is going to be my goal. The top left and bottom right images have a nice mood to them that I like, along with a few other screen captures from the movie picking out a couple of other bits that I like, such as Lord Barkis’ hair (it seems like I’m pointing out the obvious in the images, just realized that, haha!). I also attached a concept sketch by malefico that I think is amazing (I’ll be buying the Digital Movie Making book that it came out of soon as well)! It has a nice moonlight type atmosphere that I’m going to attempt to create with the windows on the right hand side of the scene.

Finally, also below is an attached image of a few test compositional (and Indigo) renders. They all have slightly different character placements and lens focal lengths. Please ignore the horrible posing job of the scientist! I’m liking the rough placement of the fourth image, although I think maybe the table in the background needs to move towards the right a bit.

What do you guys think about the concept and composition? What about the mood, do you like the moonlight idea or do you think maybe some sort of old type lantern may work better? Thanks in advance and good luck to your respective countries in the real WC!



I like the idea, and of course love the style. Good luck!!

I like the idea, but I think he should be doing something. Just looking into the camera is a little boring. Maybe he could about to flip a huge switch or something. Right now it seems very simple, so you want to bring a little more life to it be thinking what would happen if you took a still frame out of a claymation movie. He wouldn’t just look into the camera.

I like the cold colors for the composition, but I think a small oil lamp or something would bring out the scene as well. That way you have something in the background besides bricks too. Just a glowing lamp, not the flame or anything, because it would be too hard to make a claymation looking fire.

These are all just personal critiques. It’s up to you to choose what you want in the final image.
I’m sure you’ll do great!

Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:

@jedingfield: Thanks! We’ll see what I can do!

@cganim8or: Thanks for the ideas. My original idea was to have him holding a remote, one of those big cartoony looking ones with the huge red button, then have a machine next to the table with a bunch of wires hooking up to the monster. I thought it may take up too much time with all the modelling and wanted to concentrate on the lighting/texturing with this. If it seems like I’m getting done too quickly I’ll be sure to add some other bits and pieces in!

I haven’t done a whole lot of actual work on this piece this week, just a lot of playing around with ideas and trying to sort out Indigo. I did manage to do some quick modelling of the monster’s head, which is attached (btw, all my renders from now on will most likely be with the Indigo trial version, just so I can get more used to it, so my apologies if they are a bit rough!). This is still very low poly, but I think it’s a fairly good start. I’m still not sure if the monster will be covered up by sheet or anything yet, so I may save some modelling there.

The other image attached is a fairly quick shot of the stones that will make up the wall in the background. I was trying to make it look as much like a hand made rock as possible, without actually looking like a real rock (much harder than it seems!). I think it came out alright, but what do you all think?

That brings up a question, does Indigo accept tangent normal maps? I couldn’t really find anything about them in any of the documentation. The stone render attached is all high poly objects, so I’d like to make them all low poly. I know that Indigo will do displacement and bump maps, but I have yet to try out any of them. Suggestions???