Evil robot attacking a city :(

Hey, i am trying to make here an interesting kinda cartoonish/copys-reailty type of image, where a evil giant robot is attacking a city, makes it burn and stuff,
can i get any suggestion how can i make it feel like a city burns and explosions and stuff and alot of red/orange/yellow color, mixed with the night.

It really reminds me of the giant robot from mars attacks, just turn those blocks into trailers and make the robot a pale green.

I’m really liking the rendering style you’ve got there. Can you enlighten us as to your render/texture settings?

Glad you like it, although it’s far from completion :), the texture on it is just a simple red material with toon shading in the diffuse and specular + the specular size is really big (or small?) to make it look as if it’s a giant robot. with the render i have abit of basic ambient occlusion and indirect lighting, and simple sun lamp.

also add post proccesing with 0 on threshold, just to have this black outline around the robot for the comic feel. that’s all :slight_smile:

The style is fantastic, you definitely need to make a huge city. I know that its just boxes right now, but I would suggest that when they become buildings, they need to be taller. I think that the robot is only a little bigger than a skyscraper, not twice its size.

Whoa! Thats really cool! All you need is some textures on the buildings and a background plane and your good to go man!

For explosions, try translucent spheres with mushroom cloud textures on it. Just download a picture of mushroom clouds and crop out the explosion and save it. Then you will have your very own explosion texture! Just make sure you make it see through in 3d for maximum effect!

Just an idea anyway. You should also make lazer beams out of elongated spheres. Just make them see through with your fresnal and make them emit there own light for the best effect!


I found my pose for him, also changed he’s left arm with a gun, not sure about it, any feedback? (just a rough scatch),

also added some dark blue ambient occlusion and mist effect to make it more of a night scene, any suggestions here?

now i do want to keep the orthographic camera, it gives it a more cartoonish effect and makes the robot appear larger, with out any little details or small reference next to him, and it grants the best results, found it from doing a little research on filming giant robots: found this anima neon-something-evangllion with giant robots.

now i look am searching a good tutorial on making fire: which will be animated - This render is going to end up as a live wallpaper for android, did i mention it? so parts of the robot will be animated in a loop cycle :slight_smile: (just like the league of legends log in screens if anyone knows)

I really like its proportions. It seems very well balanced.

now that you are mentioning it, it does, i would like to look at that robot from mars attacks again, can u find a pic? i am having trouble with it