Evil Superman work, concept art, and inital ideas .

So, I’m making a sort of villain, for a Superman version, idea is to make a 3D model, like this one, and make animations, about his evil deeds - - I want to make it clear, this is NOT a hero, it’s sort of about the way he acts, behaves, a very bad man, Sort of - - Every great story needs, a Big villain, A monster - -

Here’s concept art, for the story . . I guess it’s my first story - board, sort of, Ha ha . .

My heroine, Miss Wonderful, will come to stop him, lock him up, For good - -

I know it’s quite dark, it’s to tell a story about a villain, from outer space - - $

He’s like the evil version of Superman, a real monster, in-side - -

BBQ Bunny is pretty good, please pass the hot sauce… lol

Thanks, You rock - -

just to be clear, I don’t like this character, at all . . I wanted to make an epic villain, based on Superman . . Made a video to explain it . .

I have made some other heroes, that are going to stop him . . But, I want to make it clear, this character is bad, to the core . . He’s a real villain, a little monster, a menace - - $

Again, thanks . . I had this idea he flies along, sees a family having a picnic, and incinerates the food, and the picnic, doesn’t kill the people, so he’s real evil, and twisted - -

I’m not very good at 3D, I can do it, but it’s hard . . If you want to make this Superman idea yourself, Feel free, the more, the merrier, again, Big thanks - -

I would like help from better 3D artists, than myself, I can make pretty realistic stuff, but I can’t make faces . . And, also cloth is tough, a cape - - So, if you want to make this character, and tell stories about him, It’s free, I’m not good enough to do much myself, I think it could be cool to set up a villain, for some heroes to defeat, I hope - -

Big Thanks - - $

Good an evil are pretty subjective so hopefully give him a good backstory, making a villain just to be defeated by superheroes is pretty boring.

Perhaps something like an abusive family, a corrupt government and police, the world only gave him pain, despair and fear so maybe it’s time for him to give some back to the world. In his own twisted sense of justice, he kills entire families of corrupt politicians to send a message. He views the superheroes as pawns of the corrupt.

Something like that.

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Why not flip the symbol of “S” for an evil superman. Just like cross being flipped to symbolize evil bible or something like that in hell.
that would be opposite to what a superman is representing… We know that the symbol of “S” meant “hope”.
The opposite word could be “Despair”.

hope this give you some new ideas.

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Thanks, listen the idea isn’t that he’s a villain, he’s not human, sadly - - he’s a sun - god, and where they have been worshipped there’s pain, misery, and human sacrifice . . So, by his very nature he is sort of flawed, compared with goodness, so I can’t make him good, that’s not the point . . He can be powerful, and potent, strong . . Just as the sun is very powerful, but the idea is to make a sun - god here, not a human being - - the other idea is he’s combined with another bad god, Set, from Egypt . . So, he’s not human, and not meant to represent human beings, he is divine, Powerful, so he doesn’t really have a human origin, no connections, to other people, no parents, no origin . . He’s a god that is beautiful, strong . . But, he must represent what he is, to make sense . .

The idea of making a ’ Superman ’ that is based on having ordinary parents and, a Real life is also fascinating, and those ideas are nice, for that character . . However, that was not the idea, here . . I want to make a combination of a sun - god, and a demon-god, not anything human, but a god, a strong, cruel monster, with powers of the sun, and Hell . .

The symbol can’t be flipped, because it should look like a snake, the serpent, that tempted Even, also satan, does this make sense . .

There are other heroes, that are based on human beings I would like to make, and I’d like to tell their story fairly, and well . . But, I’m not making a traditional, human villain here, it’s purely a good, and it must represent what it’s made from, it’s psychological basis, or it’s not nice - -

I am more interested in making some new heroes, or even villains, that have more complicated stories, and where their actions are explained, on a human level, but that’s not the idea here, a god represents what it does, no more, no less . . Other-wise, it simply fails . .

I am more interested in making a version of Captain America, who was originally a human being, and perhaps explaining his motives, if I made an evil version . . I don’t have any ideas for an evil Captain America, but perhaps make a nazist version, and dive into how he became part of something, that was bad for him, perhaps out of mis-guided loyalty or, faith in those above him, his leaders . . Since Captain America is human, doing that makes a lot more sense, since he’s rooted in people, and has a background . . It could be interesting to look into that, and try to help the character, maybe the heroes don’t kill him, or imprison him afterwards, maybe they hear his story, and help him find redemption, and peace, in this world . . I like that, a lot . .

The problem is, he doesn’t have any human parents, he doesn’t have human motivations, at all, he’s a god, and cares not about people, his goal is simply to grow bigger, and more powerful, he’s more like a force of nature, a sort of ’ scientific ’ process, this evil villain . . He has no more human motivations, than the sun, it-self - - $ I hope this makes sense, I can’t really make him human, because then he wouldn’t be a god, he thinks like a god, acts like a god, is . . a god, no more . .

The idea of telling stories about human heroes appeals to me, a lot, and going into their motivations, their plans . . And, for better or worse, tell their stories, and let them explain themselves, perhaps confess if they did something bad, and finding a way, to perhaps save them, I like that - -

It’s an interesting idea for a character, I think it could be cool perhaps to make the ’ Punisher ’ into something like that, or maybe ’ Red Hood ', from Batman, they have a flawed sense of justice, and usually do bad or, dubious things - - since they are human, giving them a chance to explain themselves, makes sense - -

sending them on a quest, for redemption and, peace makes as much sense, as punishing them . . and, it’s really interesting to sit down, and hear people’s stories, to listen to them, and help them - - $

I want to, but it has to look like a 6, as well, or it gets hard, to understand . . S stands for Snake, or Satan . . . Also, the S has never stood for hope, it’s always just been S, for Superman, this hope thing is rather new, doesn’t make sense . .

Here’s the thing, if Superman isn’t a hero, that means we get to make new ones, if that’s what we want, to try and create something better, to take his place, more powerful . . My point is, we can live without Superman, he’s a comic, means very little . . What matters is we stay alive, and make it, I think - - Maybe it would be better to make a new hero, that’s simple called hope, or symbolizes hope, without Superman - - designing such a character, would be interesting, one could make it where it stands in a pit of green snakes, that bite him, and also black demons, or shadowy beings, that strike at him, from many directions - -

And, he could have a 8 - point star, on his head, in his band, on the head - - with two globes around them, to symbolize soul, and power - -

maybe some-one else can come up with a symbol, on his chest . . for some reason I want a cross, but it’s not right, I don’t know - -

This is a good start, if the glow in the ring was yellow, golden instead of green, it’d be nice - -

but, I don’t know, maybe some-one else wants to make the Perfect hero, to represent hope and, life - - $
I suppose the color of hope, is dark green, so the suit should be dark green . . Perhaps we need a better hero to symbolize hope than Superman, something we could make, and sell - - $

Anyway, if one were to sort of cause problems for DC, it could actually open up for other comics to sell, instead, and that’s good business, for those who can make them, sort of . . That’s pretty dark, but you know, business, is business . .

Assuming, one wants that, I suppose . … :smile: $ After all, DC seems to be pulling some pretty dirty tricks, though it’s a bit sad for them, after all - - It’s an opportunity, I guess - - $

In the business world, That’s pretty normal, Sadly - - $

Idc . .$

I worked on a new super-hero any-way, so Superman won’t be missed, I made one that’s stronger, More potent - -

So, he’s easily replaced, with Better stuff, If we Want - - That simple - -

Easy money - -

I have five other heroes, the work in the ’ Union of Superheroes ’ . …

$ $

It’s a Possibility - -

So, if you want to take over the comics world, here’s an easy way, I have already created the six best heroes ever imaginable, that Dwarf DC - -

But, I don’t want to get in the way of DC, always liked their comics, it’s just after some digging, it seems Superman is actually a form of devil - worship, or there are hints, a lot of those, in the comics, going back - - So, I wanted to talk about it, but I don’t care beyond that, Really - -

It’s just well, bad, Sorry - -

Take a look at this:

Left side is for a good superman… Right side is for evil superman (just an idea). you should see what i mean by symbol. I am not talking about the “S”. I am talking about the krypton (if i recall is the name) language for the symbol. Of course it stand for “hope”. Human see it that “S” stand for “Superman”, But Kal-El see it as “hope” and it carry weight meaning (heavy meaning) for him. That should clear up my explanation.

So Your explanation give me some thoughts. :thinking:

There are 4 things you should consider:

  1. What kind of his character he should be when he is not a hero.
  2. what kind of life did he went through. This is very important because it shape the character he become in future.
  3. what inspired him or who taught him?
  4. what kind of powers should he have.

these will give you some time to think about.

a good example for number 2:
-Spiderman / Peter Parker lost his uncle to a criminal whom he let go and he felt guilty. He also used the spider’s color to make his suit. That spider gave him the power. He want to be a photographer catching a good photo at right time, right place.

As for hero you are looking, I would suggest that you make it a character who went through despair and depression so he or she would be someone who doesn’t want to see someone who would go through the same thing he/she did. She / He want to give them “hope”. You can say that despair or depression have destroyed her / him, but what or who saved him / her. That is what gave him / her that “hope”. That’s up to you to figure it out. :thinking:

I’m thinking maybe making Batman a hero, like that who grieves his lost parents, and goes on a revenge tour, to make it feel better . . But he realizes along the way, his revenge has gotten away from him, and he needs to find a way back, to the light, His life - -

The problem is, a god isn’t really a person, it’s more like a principle, like a rain god doesn’t have feelings, it just feels it gets more strong when it rains or, storms . . I hope that makes sense, but I would be very interested in creating a character that feels a great injustice was done, and decides to go full-out retaliation, Goes hay-wire, that happens - - Do you remember the gods in ’ God of war’, they were more like sort of ‘things’, medieval things, Ancient things, that thought like the mountains, the rivers, the sky - - I Want to make it that way, Because that’s what a God is, it doesn’t have Ordinary feelings or, motivations, so I can’t really give it parents, other than perhaps to say it originally had a parents, from the Big Bang, perhaps it has parents called ’ Matter’, and ’ Gravity’, How suns form, you need to understand I’m not creating a person, It’s a sun, it thinks like the sun and, Wants what the sun wants, That’s all . . I would much rather create a human hero, with complex motivations, Because that’s fitting - -

And, then telling a story where he realizes he has done some wrong things him-self, and seek a way out, Of that Life - -

there are two kinds of hope, one is worldly, ordinary hope, wanting good things to happen, Expecting Good things - - and, there’s also Heavenly hope, Hoping for God to save And, to Protect - - Ordinary hope is a good things, it’s optimism, Joy - - but, after what I’ve been through, I also think hoping in God, to save, and Heal things, Make them Better, Is important - -

:thinking: interesting…

I don’t think of that. 2 different type of hopes. I’ll keep that in mind. I really don’t have any of hopes… even these 2 hopes. Right now I am quite depressed to find a way out of this beeping beeping situation.

the life out there in the world is a lot more “darker than black” than you think. It’s not easy to find a hope and give you motivation to live on. You may always think that a person is living a perfect life with a family and a good house with high salary from a good job. But the other side is that at his work, he has to fight to keep his job and make sure no one snatch his position by doing despicable things like framing him to get fired. or worse.
that’s not a perfect life… You can say he would hate that job but he need that job to make money. Life can be cruel and harsher.

let’s get back to the topic.

you know it depends on environment that a person is living in and it shape his personality… or her. You’ll have to think of environment that can turn a person into an evil villain. there’s a movie called “Brightburn” :thinking: if i recall.

it speak of a boy who is an alien… very similar to superman and he was bullied and he was inspired to do something evil… I haven’t seen it… only seen the trailer. You are not the first one who thought of this… so yeah i am not surprised.