ive just started modeling my first ever car :O, im still learning about blender and have only been modeling for about 2 weeks but here is my attempt at a car its ment to be a evo VII, im having some problems tho, i want it to look less smooth cos if you look at the blueprints the car isn’t ment to be this smooth but without subsurf it looks to blocky

My Model




Looks great, so far! Play a little with the “crease” factor of certain lines. With Transform Properties open (Nkey) and (at least) 2 vertices selected, you’ll notice the crease factor in the properties floating window. It goes from 0 to 1, with 1 being fully “creased”.

Looks good so far

BTW: you need to have the button enabling edge information pressed for creases to be enabled.

It really looks amazing so far so keep it up. Could you make some pics of the model in blender? I want to start creating my first car too :smiley: I already finished my rims and wheels but I dont know where to start wioth the model. Could you tell me how you started on that model?

Especially if you just started entering the 3d world of blender, it is amzing, almost unbelievable that you have already created such a beauty!

Keep it up


thanks m8 :), im still modeling the main part of it , i just used some blueprints im sure if u look about there are some car modeling tutorials

heres a update of my car