Evolved Flower + Full Workflow Timelapse

Evolved Flower is a short fantasy animation/3D Art created from scratch using only Blender (for all 3D related stuff) and Natron (for compositing).
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Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Extremely awesome. Really appreciated the time lapse.

And I’ve realised I don’t know sh*t about Blender’s texture painting tools.

nice work :slight_smile:

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A bit late but it’s worth the reply.

You’re most welcome and thank you! :smile:

Blender’s painting tools at the time were good. Today we have free addons like “Mask Tools” and others that are really powerful and are getting us closer everyday to tools like Substance Painter.

B-Painter is also a great addon which makes Blender’s painting workflow to work layer styled, like Photoshop.

And I read somewhere future versions of Blender will have their own native tools to make all this stuff :yum:

Thank you :slight_smile: