I had an inspiration and felt like making such scene. Sword impaled in crystal, foresty background during sun dawn. Rendered using Blender internal rendering and YafRay. I still have big problems with materials. I’m working on them but my skills are much smaller than I’d like them to be.
On pics. below you can see that sword end is flat not tip like that is because sword penetrate the crystal and tip stuck in the ground.
First three pics are rendered using Yafray. Last three, using Blender Internal.

in the first couple shots, the contrast takes away from the focal point. Other than that, it looks pretty good, not much to crit at this point besides that contrast, but that could be fixed with a fill light or 2

I will lie if say that was intentional but rendering those 3 shots with Yafray I was expecting more less that kind of result. Just to keep focuse on main object. Leaving background away. So it wouldn’t blend.
There is much more to learn. I’d like to how to work with materials and understand how to implement out of focus effects.