Excess light problem

First off, hi everyone! This is my first post and I’m a bit of a Blender noob so bear with me :slight_smile:

Now, I have been creating a model that needs to float on water and so today I got round to creating the water.

The model without water turns out fine (I can’t seem to upload any pictures…). I’m very much a beginner but the lighting works out fine and everything looks pretty good. However, after I create the water mesh and give it a glass texture and then render it, the scene is alot brighter. I thought that must’ve just been down to the water reflecting lots of the light back so I turned down the power of a lamp, re-rendered, no change. I turned the power down even more, no change. I removed a lamp (I had three), no change. It turns out, as long as I have a light ‘somewhere nearby’, it doesnt matter if the power is 0.0000001 or 10000, there is always far too much light.

I’m using Luxrender internally as that is what I have experience with but I can’t upload any files or pictures for some reason so sorry about that…

Any help would be great!


(I can’t seem to upload any pictures…).

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Ah right… well thanks for letting me know!

Not familiar with Luxrender but - what type of lights are you using (sun, spot etc.)?
Maybe you can try to render it in Cycles and see what happens?

I’m using area lamps, I guess I could give it a shot with Cycles, never used it and figured I’d have to create new materials on it though which I didn’t really want to do. I’ll try it in a bit I think, thanks.