Exchange objects for metaballs?

Hi guys

how can I exchange objects for metaballs?
placing the metaballs in the position of these objects and, of course, with the metaballs mixing?

already tried the: link transfer data (ctrl+l) and it doesn’t work with metaballs.
is there another way?

thanks in advance

I don’t know if you’re talking about the Convert option, that u can find in the object section. But u can’t convert in metaballs.
So I think you’re talking about creating meatballs in the position of the objects of your scene.

To do that you gotta check where the origin of these objects are. If they ARE in the geometry centre of the object itself you just have to press shift+s and click cursor to selected
to move the cursor to that particular origin. After that, if you add a metaball to your scene it will be added exactly in the position of the cursor you just moved.

If the objects’ origins are away from their geometry centre, you have to go to object and look for origin to geometry before doing everything as before.

Let me know if this helps, otherwise please explain in detail what you’re trying to achieve :slight_smile:
Best of Luck mate :slight_smile:

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actually i would like to exchange many objects for metaballs at once.

thanks for listening

Like @Andrea_Cicero was saying…make sure that all objects have their origin assigned to the geometry…
Then select all of them and add a particle system…set the Number of particles to match your object…In the render tab, set as render to object and select your Meta ball…
Boom all get a Metaball…

There is no one-click solution I can think of as data transfer won’t work on meta-balls…


Linked Metaball Particles (Molecular add-on)
Molecular for Blender 2.93
Metaball Array
Build Modifier and Metaballs

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Could you, who understood about particles, answer this topic for me?

thank you

Nice one :slight_smile: