Exchanging baked sound for f-curves for many elements


I have used one sound to bake it to F-curves for many elements and effects -each element or effect has its own baked f-curve with the same mp3 file.

Now I would like to change this one mp3 file but I want it to affect on every element and effect.
I have an idea to take a different mp3 -the one I want now to be used- change the name for the one which is in use and then exchange the file -. But will Blender accept that exchange and how to re-bake the file?

Is there a better way that will work?

Waiting for courage answer :wink:

That is not a good way to do things, if you don’t mind me saying so. :no:

So you have one sound file and many things that are animated to it. If you bake the sound once you get one F-Curve, if you bake the sound 274 times, you get 274 identical F-Curves, do you agree?

Then if so, what you do is to add say an empty at 0,0,0 bake it’s Z Location to an F-Curve using your mp3 file, then use this via Transform Constraints, Copy Loc Constraints, etc. to animate 274 objects - all move according to the one baked sound file. Then you want to alter the sound file, so you copy & rename the empty (so you can save what you did) - then bake its Z Loc to the new mp3 file. All changed in under two minutes as the animated objects now respond to the new sound file.

You can now do this with Animation Nodes - even better because you can have many Bake Sound nodes each looks at a different sound file, then just plug in the one you want to drive any number of object animations. I can explain in more detail or provide a sample blend file, if you want.

Here’s a picture:

You just change the channel in the top-left node to change sounds - and of course you mute the unused sound track in VSE.

Cheers, Clock. :slight_smile: