Exclude from cloth sim by painting weights or multiple pinning?


Is it possible to add more than one pinning for cloth? I’d like to control one end of cloth using armature pulling cloth to +X axis and keeping another end on it’s default position without any movement.

I see only single pin option so little confused. Or is there some way to paint weight and define which area will deform using cloth sim and not.


The Cloth Pinning vertex group is what determines how much the mesh acts like cloth during the sim. Vertex weight 1.0 means it does not react at all like cloth, and is free to be influenced by other means like an armature. Weight zero mean it acts entirely like cloth and will accept no other influences. Intermediate weights allow multiple influences, tricky to balance, but do-able.

In your situation, the fully-bound end of the cloth and that which moves via the armature should have weight 1.0, probably fading to zero over an area. Then weight the “mobile” part to the bone that will move it – these weights are kept separate from Pinning in the way Blender deals with them. Just don’t name a bone with the Pinning Group’s name!

Thanks! I managed to achieve desired result!