Exclude shadows of a particular mesh on the floor only?

Hi. Is it possible to not have the projected shadows of a mesh, but only in regards to my floor?
I want the mesh to keep casting on other objects, but it is really annoying to have the shadows on my floor cause it makes the focus of my animation a little bit misleading.

Thank you

That just means your lighting is wrong. Don’t hack your way out of it, revise your lighting so it works with your animation. Try animating your light, perhaps…?

No doubt is wrong. This is work related and times are tight. I was wondering if there was a way.

You can achieve this by leveraging the compositor. Create a new scene and move your floor, camera and light into it. Make sure to keep your camera and light also linked to the original scene, but the floor should only be unique in the new scene.

Render both scenes and mix them together in the compositor using the Z Combine node…

28_no_floor_shadows.blend (139.7 KB)

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Thank you man. I thought there were other methods. I can see it works with post production.
It is good to know but unfortunately I will not be able to apply it .