.exe freezes and directx

When I open up my .exe it freezes sometimes (most of the time)
Is this a problem with ge or with my file

and another thing it seems to be very resource intensive so will it be less resource intensive if I make a direcrx version

Now I`m not a pro or anything so can this easilly be done with out any expierience
[edit]btw this project should be in tommorow

How you want to make a directx version?

Blender uses OpenGl as underlaying 3D interface. This makes the most sence as it is portable to Linux and MAC.

What do you mean with resource intensive. What resources are you talking about?

same thing happens to me when I make exe’s … I have a dual core AMD 3800… and most things don’t run well on both processors especially games (which is sooo depressing… cos that was the point in buying the damn thing!)… but they work fine if I tell them to use only one of the processors (tho slower sigh)… might be the problem if you have a dual core chip…? I haven’t been able to tell a blend exe to run on one process… just crashes itself if I try…

sometimes the exe’s run for a while then freeze other times they freeze straight away… if anyone knows why… I would also like to know!

anyway… does anyone know if future versions will support dual core/multi-threading etc?

I have a dual core amd 3800

I have a dual core amd 3800+ to!!!

hope it`s not just a dual core problem

I meen computer resource (like:very slow on dads laptop)

there is a directx exporter so is it possible to make a .exe using that .x file the script makes??

I dunno personally if you can export it to direct X… probally can only export files that can be used by direct x… if you have same CPU then that’s probally the problem:( … most likely a dual core problem… not much we can do about it?

what about the http://projects.blender.org/projects/directxexporter/ script??

hey if you can export it sweet!.. I have know idea how to do it tho… question is will doing that make it work on a dual core? I’ve tried nu drivers and service pack 2 (windoZE)… and you know… it made some programs that didn’t work before -work and a lot that worked fine then stopped working… VERY irratating… it make some bizzare things happen when I play certain games coz the processors go out of sink… thats why things crash…

in GTA san andreas the cars would drive so fast there were constant 10 car pile ups… which was hilarious until you tried crossing the road or playing a mission!:eek:

The working on dual core isn`t the real big prob but making it work better is the prob

gta:that would be very funny to see heh ,I can only imagine the carnage