executable .exe blender from internet, in a web page!!!?!!!

it’s a very long time that i want to make possible to play to a blender runtime directly from internet, in a web page, as some games do…
but i never knew how to do it, everybody always told me that i need the executable in java…

so today i found a very nice page, there it is

a very interssant thing is the “blend2java”, it should be a converter from blender to java…

what i want to know is if it’s possible to insert a game in a web page, and ovviously, how…

i thanks you very much for help, that is very important for me and i think for many others users… bye!!! :smiley:

The Blender Web Plugin is really the only way to do this, and it hasn’t been updated in ages. The last stable version that it was working with was 2.25… though there was some work on it for 2.42.

The link you posted is really for displaying a 3D object on a webpage… not a game with logic/interactivity etc. None of those links really have anything to do with the game engine.

There’s really not a lot you can do right now… I’d wait to see if anybody works on it.

thanks…,. just before i saw a little game made with blender and another GE (unity) put into a web page… the name of the game is “Foreign Legion - buckets of blood”, you can find it with a small research… now i’m asking them how they did, but if you go to the unity webpage (unity3d.com) you can read that with unit you can put your own game on iPhone, on some consols, on a web page… it wouldnt be bad if we can export a blender game into unity and after convert it… bye let me know :smiley:

oh god watch that

is exactly what i want to do!!! this is a game where i can navigate… wooooow!!!

Unity can import blend files so you can model as normal in blender but use the unity game engine instead of the BGE.
Your link above looks to be the default scene in Unity when you first run it.

so it isnt possible to use the BGE again and use unity only for converting??? and i dont understood your last phrase… sorry :smiley: someone else can help me??? if unity can do somewhat, blender should do it too and better!!! no?:mad::yes:

Nope. Unity only uses Blender for its models and stuff, not game logic. You’d have to script everything in unity then export it, again in unity, for your game to work on the web…
Basically, unity is a straight up game engine, while Blender is more of a multi-tool, and as such unity has more game related features as opposed to the BGE…

ok, i understood… but like unity convert the game in a web page executible, couldnt just blender do the same using maybe a script, somewhat, i dont know??? its sure that unity do “Somewhat”, and so it’s sure that in someway we can emulate it with blender… or we dont??? thanks for help

Blender could do many things if only someone wants to update the web plugin. What is possible and what someone thinks is worth the time and effort are two different things.


ok… thanks… i’m still hoping that someone know maybe a sistem/converter for do that, i wait… thanks much to all in any case:eek::smiley:

someone found out somewhat?? :smiley: