Executing composite from different scenes all at once

Hi there

I have one .blend file with 2 scenes. They have different color menagment settings that I would like to keep. Is there a way that with only one F12 hit I can render both scenes with their own color menagment settings and save them as a file separately?

To my knowledge, the only way to do this would be to run two separate instances of Blender simultaneously, each one referencing a particular scene. (The output file location is normally an attribute of the scene.)

One way to do this – and it is a way that I do a lot – is to run Blender from the command line, i.e. without the GUI. I find that renders run measurably faster this way.

However … make damn sure that you really do have the system resources to handle this kind of load! If you don’t, you might discover that the work takes more than “twice as long!”

Thanks, sundialsvc4!