EXEs, linking files, start menu

Hello guys,
The Zark game (as it is now) has an EXE and two blends which are linked to it with Game actuators. This works fine as long as you go to the folder and double-click the EXE to start it. If it’s started from the Start Menu, however, it can’t find the .blends. Does anyone know of a way to fix this besides incorporating all the blends into one file?

I’m sorry if this doesn’t work, but it’s a good idea anyway. Make a Folder of that in “Program Files” and create a shortcut to the desktop. And to launch it from the start menu drag the shortcut to there. Thats how many apps work, but if that doesn’t work, sorry.

I got it…I had to define the “Start in” directory for the shortcut. For those of you using Inno Setup, this was a matter of adding

WorkingDir: "{app}"

to the line for the main shortcut.
I probably should have done some more fiddling before I posted…