Expanding camera FOV vertically, only upwards

Hey there,

I need to comp a project I mapped with Fspy into a photo.
From Adobe software, I’m used to “adding” additional space from bottom up, for example. In Blender, this always happens from midpoint (to my inferior knowledge).
How would I best go about that? I already altered the image to a square, which causes distortion in the lens, of course. Is there a way to “add” more room on the top of the FOV without distorting anything?


Uhhhh, you can shift the camera (Object Data Properties → Lens → Shift Y) but a quick test shows multiplying image height with 1.5 have to lens shift 0.1333 (??) so i’m not sure about the math…

In the camera settings, under ‘sensor fit’ change to ‘Horizontal’ and then when you increase the vertical resolution in the output settings: