Expanding keyframes. Is it possible?

I have a scene made out and animated. However, the problem is that I need to add somethings between to events in my animation so I must add more time between the two. Is there a better way than moving each and every single IPO for each limb for each character to make the room? Any help will either save me time or prevent me from starting all over again.

Thanks in advance.

maybe something like:
-add new scene>>full copy
-in scene 1 change the map old/map new settings
-animate scene 1
-go to scene 2 and adjust the offset so it lines up with where you left off in scene 1
-render scene 2

But I need to add more time to an event. EX: A guy walks from one end of the room to the other. At the end of his walk, he interacts with someone else… However, he goes across the room to fast. I need to slow him down but I doint’ want the other model to start his animation until the guy gets there. So how can I add more time to make him slow down?

Probably not the perfect solution but its worked well enough for me if I understand the problem correctly. Instead of the IPO window, go to the NLA window. Here, box select all the keyframes that you want to slow down and put the green line where you want the interaction to begin (this is because blender scales away from the green line in the NLA window). Next, just scale the keyframes away from each other and tweak until the speed is about right. Finally, just tweak anything that ends up not looking right.

For the other model, this is simple. Just box select all relevent keyframes in the NLA window (much easier than in IPO window). Then just grab/move them to where the interaction begins.

save a copy beforheand though in case something goes wrong.

Hope that works and helps you.

yes, just use NLA and Action !