Expecting fog with rain every ten minutes...low pressure...

(PlantPerson) #1

How can I make the end of the view appear as a lin of fog rather than a sharp dividing line? I know its possible, I saw it in the example file egypt_vis.

Another weather question, can I make clouds cover the sky every once and awhile? blue-gray?

%| Oh brother, ther goes PlantPerson again with all his stupid questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Haunted-House) #2

Question one:
1.Add a world setting (click on the blue world button)
2.Choose to add new, click on the mist button
3.Put the starting and ending distance you want

(JD-multi) #3

Ok That’s something that everyone knows but is there a way to make rain in a game real rain like metal gear solid or something like that, that starts every 10 minutes or whatever you want. How to do that???

(lizard809) #4

if want to do a cheap job you could have the rain in an overlay scene

(Krabat) #5

Hm, what’s an Overlay Scene and how can i apply one?


(JD-multi) #6

Yeah ok so It’s possible to make rain in the game engine, ooh cool. Euh but what’s overlay? and how to do it? :o