Experienced Character Artist/Modeller

Project Name
Deaths Descent

Roles Required
Mature Experienced Character Artist/Modeller who can rig, skin and animate. If you are someone who would be interested in dedicating time to creating a game with a start-up professional indie studio drop me a message and we can discuss further. I am a dedicated person, with a passion for game dev, I need like-minded people, the requirements are high, as I am creating a professional studio, which is currently doing well given that only 1 month since its created and project work commenced. I am also going to be blunt, so apologies, but we do not want time wasters, if you are not going to commit, please do not apply. I have been honest with my entire team from the start, failure to contribute and otherwise take part in the design/development will result in a replacement. We have an experienced team of developers all committed to the project, and we want to keep that.

stormboundstudios.com → this is our website, feel free to explore it, it provides information about our current team, and more info on our project. We hope to start development streams shortly and are working on minor video content demonstrating the development process from start to finish.

We are looking for experienced people who are 18+, friendly, honest, reliable and who can take constructive criticism but can also act in a professional manner. We expect a minimum of 8 hours a week, more is desirable, but obviously, people have lives, and we promote a healthy work/life balance. Our current team is friendly, helpful and if you would like to join our little family of devs, let me know.

My Role
•Lead Game Designer, Creative Lead, Project Manager, Lead Programmer

Previous Projects
My portfolio: S851790508.websitehome.co.uk also talks about my experience.

Team Size
•6 (including me) we are trying to reach 8 MAX, so there are limited spots left and they will go to the most experienced developers first.

Project Length
•We are looking at prototyping within 4 - 6 months and releasing 9 - 12 months, though it is impossible to directly say right now, we have already done quite a lot in a short time, but time scales do change based on project scope, and other technical unforeseen issues, so bear that in mind.

•Rev Share: NET PROFIT SPLIT EQUALLY - between all ACTIVE members of the team.

•Good communication skills
•Active on discord
•Work on a project in free time
•Be available to meet once a week to discuss progress as a team.

Project Description
•A small scale third-person rogue, dungeon exploring game where the levels are procedurally created (mostly), and the player can explore freely, combat is in 2 parts, melee and range, the player can freely switch between them both however the melee component is structured around a combo like a system, the purpose will be to survive the dungeon/level and collect as much in-game currency as possible to upgrade their equipment and stats. It will have a small loot system, but we are keeping the scope small, and achievable, so we do not want to add anything else to it. The project will be released on Steam and if possible mobile and console too. We have a GDD and will provide more of an overview if you are successful in joining. We communicate over the project via calls, screen share, discord, meetings and usually make design choices unanimously, where this is not possible the design choices fall on the majority, so there is no dictatorship, and we would like to find like-minded, friendly people to join us :blush:.

•If you are interested in the project, or have any questions, DM me on Discord

To Apply

Send portfolio to [email protected] with reference: Artist-9564

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