Experienced Composer & Audio Designer available

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and not quite sure this is the right place to post this, but here goes;

I’m a professional composer and sound designer from a (predominantly) commercial background and I’m looking for some new stuff to work on and a bit of a sea change.

I’m trying to switch my output at the moment from less commercial work to more creative work like film and gaming because i’m stagnating and feeling unsatisfied and would like to break things up a little. I’m also kind of tired of making digestible electronic music. I feel my real talent lies in more cinematic, experimental and meditative music and I’d really like to find a collaborative project where I can explore those genres a little more and create something that I’m really proud of and I consider beautiful art. I wouldn’t just be taking anything that was thrown my way; it’d need to be the right project with flexible deadlines(if unpaid) and a fit for the kind of music I want to explore so I can build a more diverse and rounded portfolio.

Obviously, I’d like it to be paid if possible, but it isn’t as much of a focus as finding the right project where I can push some boundaries and flex my creative muscles a little.

I’ve attached one of the most recent projects I worked on, which was creating the music & sfx for Huawei’s Y9 campaign last year.HUAWEI Y9

Below is my portfolio, which is almost all of my work to date bar a few recent commercials (recently finished with campaigns for Polestar’s new electric vehicle and fisherman’s friend). Please check out the “feed” tab on my website, as this is where I post a lot of WIPs and has a lot of my more experimental and modern classical music on there.

Thank you!

Hi all! I have just realised that my Feed tab isn’t working on my website, so here is a link to my Instagram;