experiment "Interior Rendering"

Hi guys ,

This is one of my old personnal work , in this work i try to achieve a Corona like result (especially light) by reproducing some render or photo find on behance or pinterest .

This is the result .
blender and cycle .

(Credit for the reference : Nefeli kallianou on behance for the living room and pinterest for the office room i dont remenber the name of the photographer )

Thanks ,

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Great job, how many samples did you use?

4000samples with 3x gtx 980

You rock, what else to say^^.

I like the living room. Is the window the only light source, or are there others behind the camera? A wire frame of the setup would be nice.

Tres bien monsieur. Vraiment magnifique!
I hope I didn’t screw up my French

Awesome! great lighting.

Your “interior rendering” experiment is really good !
Nice interior. Nice composition. Photorealistic.

@mareck: thanks my friend

@scorpius: yes the windows are the only light source HDR + emissive plane .

@sunburn: merci monsieur !

@avizblender and @Thomasgely: Thanks guys

IMO the light is too much strong.
In my eyes probably the emissive planes’ energy overcomes the HDR energy.
I mean, look at the shadows on the wall in the second pic.
Have you tried the HDR only + portal/s

99.9 % photorealistic. The 0.01% is that I think it looks a bit too ‘clean’.

Lovely work, Joan. I like how clean and bright the room is. I’ve never tried Corona, perhaps I should. Interiors in Cycles always look too dark in the shadows in my opinion, unless you blast them with light from multiple directions. Perhaps the new “filmlike” colour management will help with that, though. I hope to try that out, soon.

I can only echo @James Candy’s comments - really nice job - so clean and bright - makes me want to be absorbed into the scene.

Thanks everyone it’s very encouraging ! happy new years

The rendering turned out very well

I’m with them. I do wonder if the floor was rotated 90 degrees so the line led into the scene but then the floor is a bit player so I’m nit picking here. Very nice render.

How long did you rendered it.

You wouldnt do that in real life. You always go with the long side.

Well @MZGarmi I did not realize that thank you. However, you bring up a good point. When do we as artist depart from realism or as you put it real life. So I suppose we agree to disagree. I say if turning it and using line improves the composition then by all means do it.

The rules of composition as taught in every art school still apply do they not. Or, do we rough in a picture using building codes. Now to be honest I have on occasion researched building codes, fire exits, signs, fire suppression systems, etc. (Thank goodness there is now a good alternative to Halon) But, even then some departure from what is acceptable to a fire inspector and the composition are made. Not to mention render times if animating.

Actually we are not in shaky territory here since the vast majority of viewers are not contractors, tradesmen or fire inspectors. If doing a walk through of a office building how many viewers are going to notice no sprinkler heads. Or, that a exit sign is 1/3 smaller then required and has the colors reversed.

If the average viewer is as clueless as me about how flooring is laid they could sit there until hell freezes over and never notice. But I submit even if they know they are taking in the overall picture. Us Blenderheads, myself included, get maybe a little to bogged down in this realism thing. Not every picture is meant to be in a IKEA ad. We have frigg’n nodes running off the right side of the damn monitor when a specular surface suggesting glossy metal would suffice.

Now the flooring as is traps my eye. Line is a valuable tool in composition for a reason. And besides that might not be the long side since the room exist outside the frame in our little fantasy world here.