Experiment on Armature Question

Ok, so I am working on an Experiment in Minecraft. The experiment is animating a character with ~80 blocks in real time, In Minecraft, without mods; only using command Blocks and Redstone. Now, I have a Base Pose for the character built in Minecraft, and will easily be able to make a copy in blender.

My question is, Is there a way to make the Individual Parts (Blocks) of a Armatured Character move only Full Blender Units, and not partial, while remaining on the Armature?

Not rotating should be easy enough, but the movement of full units only, stumps me.

I don’t know if I understand the question.

You mean you want the character to move from one location to the next without any intermediate motion? Change the f-curve interpolation to Constant in the Graph editor.

Not exactly, I want the individual parts of the character (the individual 1BUx1BUx1BU blocks it’s created out of) to move only a single BU at a time within the animation. This way I can easily transfer the Frames I want into Minecraft.

Then you just make sure you only give them full BUs when you move them.

If you need to round out a value to get a full BU, do that with an appropriate var statement on a driver for that value. What that statement will be depends on how you’re deriving the values for the movements. You might not even need one.