Experiments and Prototypes

This thread is full of random Blender Game Engine crap I’ve been kicking around and just wanted to share with anyone who was interested.(My newest and best stuff is on the next page ->)
Most of these experiments or whatever will never go anywhere, but it’s practice!
Comments and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Have fun!

My first runs at normal mapping and states!
Also, the water (for what this was called flooded) is in the bottom-left layer (16?) So if you want to check it out you’ll have to move it to the first layer, I, personally, like it, but it’s sorta resource heavy and not very practical, since it’s just a water texture and a normal map, both set in Global mapping, on a spinning plain with a displacement modifier on it, but it works…

All the textures and sounds are from the Half-Life 2 beta (though the background music (disabled currently) is from Portal 2).

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially on the enemy cover system, because right now it sucks.

Thanks in advance.

Ohh! 10th post! Now I can toss in my new blends!


Here’s a couple more tests and such, not really that good, but I like em’!

Cremator - Most advanced AI I’ve made so far… and the best walk cycle up to this point.
Recreation of the Cremator from the original Half-Life 2 storyline.
Might go back and remodel it, as the base model I made for it wasn’t meant for an accurate Cremator.

A.I. - Features-
Idle state with basic random wandering (only forward)
Spotted State (for both Player and any objects deemed ‘trash’)
Attacking state (fires plasma gun)
Transition state attacking-search-mode
Search mode (Alerted state, searches for player for a period of time, then returns to Idle state.)

Flooded 10-Street - Some more advances in the name of boredom.

Flooded 2-With water! - The second version I did. Water in the main scene, old models.

Thanks in advanced!

p.s. Please reply!

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I was messing around in 2.57 about 15 minutes ago at school…:spin:
and this happened…:smiley:

I’m actually quite impressed with myself. It’s a subdivided soft-body mesh with some random settings and rigid body collide on.
Hope you enjoy it!


Fake_water.blend (465 KB)

Time_Traveling_Robo_Assassin_on_a_rooftop (time travel not included):smiley:

Not quite IG-88, but it’s good enough…

Sounds from Half-Life 2.

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You should put out some pictures or videos here, there are probably some people curious of what you have made, but not enough to actually download packages with no (warning) of what they contain :slight_smile:

And most feedback can be given from images anyway, unless there’s something specifically about the AI you need feedback on. :wink:

Thanks for the advice… I didn’t even think about screenshots!:smiley:

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Good tests btw.
i do lots of tests before making a setup:yes:
keep up!

Little bit of my game I’m currently working on…
Just think, space-western, in the arctic… no blend yet…:wink:

Moon_lander.blend (506 KB)

Random Vector Graphics test! YAY!!!:yes:

  1. Back the Future-esque DeLorian:confused:
    Python-less vehicle setup. Really basic as of right now.
    Pretty much a bunch of hinges attached to a box car body…:rolleyes:

  2. Halo Ghost
    Also python-less, hovers and stuff, animated fin thingys, temp sounds…

From an older idea for the most epic racing game EVAR!!!:evilgrin:
Hope you like them!

PS. really tired when i typed this, so don’t mind the bullocks…


Delorean.blend (677 KB)Ghost_halo.blend (491 KB)

Please excuse the low quality video, Camstudio does NOT like Blender.
Here it is!

The Crowbar. You can’t argue with its versatility at opening crates and skulls.:evilgrin:

As far as testing goes, It’s the first good hand modeling I’ve done… and, not to toot ones own horn, the best animation I’ve done on a weapon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!
Thank you for your time!

Just some random space core.
Press 1 for ‘Spaaaaccccceeee!’:spin:
Press 2 for ‘Dad? Are you Space?’:smiley:

Just messing around with animations and speech…

Hope you enjoy it!

More epic Blender tests soon!


Space_Core.blend (1.81 MB)

Rain, Lightning and Thunda!!:evilgrin:


Test_bed_Rain_and_Thunder.blend (1.74 MB)

Some stuff from recent blenderings…

AK-47 - Textures are missing due to them being ‘painted on’…

Zombie climb - It’s a block, it climbs over crates.

Random Parkour - It’s a block, it vaults over crates.

(obviously rendered screenshots are obviously rendered)



LMB- Place Block
MMB-Add Crate
Mwheel- Choose Block Material

WASD- Movement
PGup PGdown - Move up/down (respectivley)

8-2-4-6 (numpad) - add walls