Experiments with NPR/Toon shading in Eevee



I’d like to share some details about my humble npr shading experiments during the recent weekend challenge. :smiley:

The concept is actually pretty simple, but it can yield quite interesting results.

Note: These shaders can only work with Eevee cus “Shader to RGB” node is not supported by Cycles.

Default diffuse shader for reference:

Basic toon shader with predefined color stops:

Procedural colors based on a light source:

And finally noise texture distortion:

Real example

If you want to play around with these shaders here is .blend (Blender 2.80 only) with a bunch of materials (still a WIP).

npr_playground_v0.1.blend (1.2 MB)

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(skuax) #2

Congratulation. It seems to be really nice
Gonna reproduce it.
Many thanks for the explanation.


That’s super cool! I absolutely love the look of those examples! I played around a bit with Npr in Eevee, but it’s been a while. I’ll have to get back to it. I’m excited to see what amazing visuals people are gonna be able to create with Eevee! :grin:

(Eloque) #4

Love it. Going to try them. I am trying to build a backgrounnd NPR and NPR based characters for a hobby project. I love the cartoon style, alas I am more coder then artist, so it’s been …tricky.