explode & more cgsphere

Hi all, here’s a few renders that won’t make it to cgsphere, they have a rule about not texturing the backgrounds:)
‘Explodosphere’: all blender no particles.

Lens sphere/hair? hmmm lots & lots of halos here… but no shadows!

More halos for an interesting effect…still no particles but i figured out the shadows:)

The next 2 images ’ Hold up ’ is a favorite, it is not perfect but at 1hr + per render it will do.

‘Hold up 2’ small fake shadow from ps. too much lighting intensity.

Thanks, M.A.

ps: Also Blender has some really great models on cgsphere some by really famous blender artists:D
blender is still lagging behind a bit in the posts & votes though:eek:

Awesome mayn…however yu got some rivalry mayn…neverthe less 4 stars from me!

Some nice spheres indeed.

Perhaps you could make more simply to show the power of Blender. Like the new features coming in 2.43.

Very nice. i really like the fire one at the beginning.

thanks all,
we all have different ideas and approaches to modeling & textures,
these are just some of mine.
trak wrecka > thanks mayn
cd > the new release will be great, I will keep blending on next year, testing, playing.
Mr.Buns > Thanks,
ultra quick tute: 1 sphere, discombobulator, duplicate, reduce verts on both, scale one smaller & add a dark material set to color dodge, add halo effect to other with most settings turned on (very small halos 0.040) set texture to overlay. (oh yeah play with lots of settings)
Enjoy your art. Enjoy your Blender.
Thanks, M.A.