Explode Polygon Object faces, arrange in a plane


I’m a working Artist in need of Geometry services in Blender.

There are 2 paid gigs.

A. Quick & Dirty

  1. Project Type: Geometry and Exports
  2. My name is Matt Elson and I’m a working Artist with projects running on 3 continents. You can find my website at www.mattelson.com ( the better option ) and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_infinity_boxes/ (meh. It’s not my primary focus).
  3. Seeking: Blender Geometry expert, ideally with programming skills. 5+ years please. Someone with a lot of Geometry work and Export skills.
  4. Project Description: Take a sculpture of mine in Blender, explode its faces, place them on a plane and export them as a dxf file to drive a CnC plasma cutter. This is the Quick and Dirty solution to a project in house. It could be done as simply as exploding the faces and orienting them via their normals into the given plane then rotating and positioning the pieces for optimal layout, add some text to label pieces, export to dxf and we’re basically done. I need someone very experienced with Geometry and Exports.
  5. Deadline: As soon as possible. This week would be great.
  6. Budget: $30 per hour or appropriate to your skill level.
  7. The Model is ready and will be sent to you as a Blender Scene. It’s maybe 100 faces.

Could you post an image of the sculpture ??
You could consider using the Quick Explode feature in Blender.