Exploding file size... Did i do something wrong?

Hello Everyone.

First of all, i have to say i’m quite new to the use of blender, so i apologize already if my question sounds stupid to the hears of some of you.

I’m following this tutorial to improve my understanding of the sculpting tool of blender. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsDe1V9Dl-0&list=PL2C095rG0bGJZ9A57NmBng0lJ5Xkhyz9Q&index=2&t=2220s]

Everything worked fine until the moment i remeshed my basic shapes of the head of the character (something around 0.015 to be precise). the instructor seems to continue to work with a smooth workflow, but on my side it became super laggy and slow. The file size is now around 450 MB, wich is much more than my other modest blender files.
at the end of the tutorial, he is using vertex paint, wich seems, once again to run smooth on his computer. On my side, i have to wait after each brush stroke to see the result, wich is completely pulling me out of it.

so my question is : did i corrupt the file in some way ( maybe doing something wrong with that remesh step, somehow ?)
Is the blender file size normal because of the number of polygons or does it seems strange ?
And last one : could my config be too cheap for such a work ? (AMD Ryzen 5 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 / 16GB RAM)

I’m hadding a view of my workspace if it may help.

Thanks already for your attention and answers

So you aren’t able to compare your specs with his specs and didn’t tried a not so fine remeshing ?

Well, this is my main reason of posting here.
In the comments, that guy says he’s working on a i3 processor, 4gb of ram and gtx 650 geforce,
So, everything seems to work smoothly with a less powerfull config.

Okay… now i’m looking … remesh with 0.024 then lower 0.008 hmm then how fine is your initial mesh…
difficult to give advice if the community has to look for themself… (you know what i mean?)

You have additional objects shown in the Outliner, so you do have a lot more data in your file…?

Well, here’s what i can say :
I got some other meshes, who doesn’t seems so complicated to me : hair, eyes and a shirt, that’s all. Eyes have been smoothed once or two, hair and shirt remeshed around 0.08.

Everything since to work fine until 0.009 or so

I tried on another file, just by curiosity : 2 or 3 cube subvidide, one cylinder or two → crrl+j to join everything. When i tried to remesh around 0.0001 my PC just freeze completely… Is such a resolution too extreme…

The question is not how fine you are remeshing how, it’s how many polygons MarshmammL actually is using compared to you, since your specs seem to be higher than his.
Anyway, since your nickname (@supafur) occured 6 days ago on YT as last comment … maybe just ask the author himself ?

Ok, thanks for all those answers, i’ll try to ask him directly. Since i’m a newbie, maybe there are some things that i have missed during the process. Since i found how to display status of my file in Blender, i can tell you that my scene is actually made of :
tuto modeling chara 1

not sure if this is as heavy as it seems to be.

depends also on your PC and processor type

if you got a small machine 3e6 verts is a lot and blender gets sluggish!

are you using dynatopo too ?

what level for the multitir ?

happy bl

Thanks for your answer. I’m actually on a Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia gtx 1660 and 16gb RAM.

I didn’t use the Dyntopo on this project, only remeshing. Also, i’m sorry but what do you exactly mean by “multitir” ?

thks !

when sculpting you can use the multires modifier to get layers

my guess is that remeshing can crank up verts count a lot
so have to be careful or use another method to sculpt!

may be simply use dynatopo then retopo it manually!

happy bl