Explosion RnD - multiple

I did these in the last 4 years.

explo video


That’s super nice :smiley:

I wonder if you might be able to help me with something:

I’m trying to do looped smoke and therefor have overlapping smode domains. Either Blender smoke domains or as OpenVDB objects - but I’m getting render artefacts.

I saw in one video, that offsetting one, should solve the problem. It doesn’t.

I then stumbled upon a comment, saying if render clipping (OpenVDB) or Empty Space (Blender domain) is set to 0, then there shouldn’t be any artefacts. But there still are.

Do you by any chance have a solution for this? I’m currently on v2.92.0

Hey! Thanks, I struggle with the blotchiness too but I never tried looping. By artefacts you mean
those ugly streaks? If so, then that must be a bug, other people have complained about it
already. In mantaflow at least. Small noise can reduce it but it’s still there.


I found a bug thread on dev forums about this: https://developer.blender.org/T66791

Someone commented, that raising the transparency depth would solve it. Did a test by rendering every 10th frame and looks good. Now I’ll render an entire animation.