explosion script?


Yeah I found this one:


But it gives me lots of errors and I don’t really understand french anyway.

So to make a mesh fragment wildly… is there another script/way?

maybe you’ll have some usefull info on this particular script in this thread:

Try this url :

many tkx !

many tkx ![/quote]

I’m embarassed to have to admit that English is my only language. Have you ever given any thought to releasing some details on the script in English? I notice alot of code examples on your website, that’s the reason I’m asking.

could the explosion be controlled by an empty instead of sliders ?
It could then sort of work like a ball through a windows …

Thanks guys.

ehm… but I finished the project already hehe… going to play with those though :wink: … eh… soon

BTW… as if I don’t know enough french to understand what “Version Anglaise” means… duh… I should have seen that… ROFLMAO