(( Explosions )) (without particles as the main thing)

We all know that the current particle (dynamic) system does not cast shadows. So if we wanna make a realistic looking explosion we need to use something that does cast them. I made something with dupliverts and a particle effect. So the dupliverts are the particles.

Here is the blend-file . It’s about 1 megabyte (use blender 2.40).

Here is the image, it’s actually an animation, but it takes very long to render (frame 21).

hi, nice smoke.

exist a way to everithing cast shadows, before the raytrace age.

“the seyacat metod”

i dont remember exactly, but if you use a camera aligned to spot ligth, and use envmap, and spot proyect the envamp on different color and intensity, you have shadows (solid or not)

http://niel.seyanim.com/index.php is the seyacat site and one of the blenderhispanos comunities.

I dont quite understand that thing… but it doesnt really sound a very non-complicated way to achieve it. I mean, to convert a reflection to shadow… that’s tweaky.