Export 3ds files from Blender with attached textures

I am new to blender. Please forgive if it seems quite obvious.

I am having a trouble exporting 3ds files from blender with attached texture.

I followed this you tube tutorial - Its uses cycles Render

At the end of the tutorial i followed : File->Export->3D Studio(.3ds).

I used couple of apps (Auto desk FBX review , open3mod) to view my .3ds model and found that my texture isn’t saved/appearing on the model.

I went online and found few discussions on the issue
i. Simple name for texture: no space, not too much characters etc
ii. texture has to be in the same folder as .3ds and .blend files
iii. File-> External Data->Pack into .blend file etc

In spite of trying above all, i was unable achieve the result.

Any help here is amazing.

I followed this you tube tutorial - Its uses cycles Render
Use Blender Render instead of Cycles if you want to export any textures

Alternatives just load the saved texture in whatever application you are using the view the exported .3ds file. (why do you need to use such a crap format ?)

I work on haptic devices. In order to interface haptic device i use software called chai-3d . It accepts stl, obj and 3ds formats only.
Yeah, as you mentioned Blender Render is working fine but not the cycles render.