export animation for mesh


I have different animation for a mesh that i blend in the NLA editor. But i don’t know how to get data to export them.
The logic is loop on actions. Then for each action check the object name it references.
For armatures it works very well because it reference the bone it links with. But for mesh it reference
for my first action
[(‘Object’, [Ipo “ObIpo” (Object)])]
and for my second action
[(‘Object’, [Ipo “ObIpo.001” (Object)])]

so i don’t know what those action animate.

I am on blender 2.45.
thank you for help

Ok i found the problem it’s because i am using bpy.data.actions api. If i use the Blender.Armature.NLA.GetActions().items() i have
(‘test_blend02’, [Action “test_blend02”]) [‘Cube.001’]
that is what i want. Maybe this post can be used as a bug report ?

in fact i am wrong i dont have the reference of the object the action animate… so the help is always needed. my previous post was a mistake