Export as Blend - Free addon to export objects as .blend file

Hello Blender Artists,

Everything is in the title, I’m releasing an addon to export objects as .blend file.
Usually we would neeed to create a new Blend file first then Link or Append data from the file you want the data from. With this addon you can just export objects dirrectly from the file you have the data into.

This addon works with objects or scene only at the moment.

Releases · Tilapiatsu/blender-export_as_blend (github.com)


1- Install and enable the Addon like any regular Addons in Edit > Preferences,

2- Then you can select one or more objects and go to File > Export > Export as Blend (.blend)

3- In the export dialog you have many options in the n pannel

Setting Description
source let you choose what to export : Selected Objects only export current object selection, Current Scene will export the entire current scene.
mode Append will append data to the exported blend file , and Link will Link data to the exported blend file.
Pack External Data Any external data will be written into Blend file ( Textures etc…). It will drastically increase saving time and file size, but make the file easier to transfer.
Export to Clean File If enable, the data will be exported to a clean file without any data except from your source objects. Otherwise the data will be exported in a scene with your Startup file as a starting point that can contain many data depending on your configuration.
Create Collection Hierarchy The collection hierarchy of the selected objects will be recreated in the exported file. If disable, all objects will be exported in the root collection.
Export Dependencies in dedicated collection If enable any object dependencies will be exported in a collection named “Dependencies”. Otherwise, the collection hierarchy will be recreated for each dependencies. ( An object dependency is any data neeeded for the selected objects to be evaluated correctly. For exemple, an object that is used in the modifier or a driver used in by the exported object. )
Open Exported Blend After export, the file is exported.


Feel free to send me feedback or to report any issues or bugs if you found one.


I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like a nice idea!

Thank for this script. sorry to say but this is the issue I receive.

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i got the same error…

oh yes Thank you for reporting. Sorry about that. This is a really small thing to fix. I’m coming back with a fix later today.


I’ve just publish a fix @martijnfc, @Blender_Fun1, @AndyCuccaro :
Releases · Tilapiatsu/blender-export_as_blend (github.com)

Feel free to tell me if everything works now. I’ve also found another more problematic bug which is also fixed now.

Thank you. it works fine!
But…it is frightening the new made file has the same name as the original file and overwrites it without warning… :flushed:

I’m sorry @martijnfc but I’m not sure to understand. When you export as blend a file brower opens and you can choose the name and folder you want for your export.

So you mean that the default filename should be different than the current blend file to avoid mistake and it would need a prompt if you’re trying to override a existing file ?

Normally when you overwrite an existing blend file the name becomes red.

Yes, the default name should be different or empty.
Then it will be perfect!


I’m going to think about a solution for that and will come back when I have news. But yes I think you’re right, it is a really good point

@martijnfc Same link, new version with the red warning if you’re about to override an existing file.
There is no prompt aksing you ‘Are you sure?’ because it is built in in blender and this is how the regular save as windows works.

Also add other things :

  • NEW : File Override Warning
  • NEW : Add an option to export everything under a new collection
  • UPDATE : Rework the UI for Clartity

E X C E L L E N T ! Thank you for your efforts.

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I am sorry :astonished: but today when I export an object the new made file is empty or it is the default scene…Only occasionally I succeed to export the chosen object.

Hey @martijnfc Sorry for letting you without news for so long. I’m currently working on a new release with a big refactoring, and I hope everything will be more stable and predictible after that. When It’ll be ready you could try again and let me know it the same issue occurs, and it it is the case , you could send me a blend file for me to see what went wrong, if you are ok with it.

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Hello again,

I’ve just release a big update for this addon which go to v2.0.0 . The link hasn’t change in the first post @martijnfc, @Blender_Fun1, @AndyCuccaro
This release is a complete rewrite of the addon to (hopefully) get more stable and predictable results. It also come with the ability to append/link objects to extisting blend file.

Release Notes
  • NEW : You can export by appending/linking to an existing blend file.
  • NEW : You can select the destination scene for the objects to be exported to
  • NEW : You can export selected object children
  • NEW : You can print debug messages in console for debugging purpose
  • NEW : Dynamic description of the following operation is written and updated based on the settings.

by the way , anyone knows how to edit post in this forum ?


Thanks again for this add on! I think I know what went wrong with the previous one. I didn’t remove the old version (1.00) It was not overwritten by a newer version. I had to manually remove them.

Maybe one small thing, the newly created file should open with my own default settings :sweat_smile:

You can use the Pencil icon to edit your post:
2022-06-06 10_25_48-Export as Blend - Free addon to export objects as .blend file - Coding _ Release
If you don’t see it, click on the three dots:

2022-06-06 10_26_35-Export as Blend - Free addon to export objects as .blend file - Coding _ Release

Hey Thanks for your answer @joseph . I Don’t know what’s wrong on my side but I cant see the Pencil icon, Even when I look in the 3 dots:

I remember being able to edit before, but it doesn’t seems to be available anymore. It there anthing that could be done on the account management side ?

It’s possible your account level isn’t high enough, I’ll look into it

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