Export cloth as Alembic

I’m trying to export a cloth animation to alembic and reimport it.
Unfortunately the platform does not allow me to upload the test file (new user).
According to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9btSm2Dfvk
it is as simple as:
1: Setup some cloth that animates when playing animation
2: Export as alembic

I made a vertex animation test with alembic and had no problem with it. Though the cloth sim does not seem to be exported into the alembic. I also tryed baking the cloth sim first, but to no avail.
The video was made before Blender 2.8. Did anything change that needs to be considered?

What are you exporting to? Unity, Unreal?
If Unity you have to create the Package File inside Unity from the Alembic export…

for now I just try to reimport it into Blender, to see if the data is available.